Tips for to Colour Resistant Grey Hair at Home

grey hair roots

A grey hair roots difficult to color and unattractive. Are you looking for tips for to colour in your resistant grey hair? Here are some tips to ensure that your grey hair to covered up and the colour remains the same, with coverage of all grey areas.

There are several tips you need to know in order to color your grey hair successfully at home. The following five tips can help you colour grey regrowth:

  • Less‌ coloring, more frequent coloring

Within a week or two, you can notice new hair growth, which may lead you to colour your grey hair more often to prevent it from happening again. If you color your hair frequently, you should look for products that contain low levels of chemical compounds to make sure you’re not exposed to additional chemicals. The skin can absorb some ingredients from hair colour chemicals. Ammonia and PPD free formulas provide the best results for permanent hair color.

apply the right color

Select a color product infused with botanical extracts and oils. Plant-derived botanical can make the scalp feel more comfortable, nourish hair, and give the hair the support and resilience it needs to color.

  • Application of colour with precision

Depending on how you choose to color your hair, you will need to target your fresh color at just your grey hair regrowth in order to achieve best results. Be careful to avoid overdrying the hair with the new colour. Colours that overlap can become duller and darker as well as build up in colour.

  • Use a tint brush to color your grey regrowth like a professional.

Put the sectioning clips in your hair. It will allow you to clearly distinguish between new growth and old color and give you a sense of where to place colors.

Tint brushes are cheap, simple, and simple to use, and you can apply the right color placement and amount quickly and easily.

  • More time for more colour

Allow your colour to process for the normal duration of time plus an additional ten minutes.

To refresh your hair color at the ends and midsection, apply color for ten minutes at the end of the treatment.

  • A turbo-charged color processing process for your roots.

Using a shower cap. Yes, your simple shower cap will help you retain heat at your scalp which will speed up your colour processing at the roots for more intensive, fast-tracked colour processing to cover stubborn gray hair.