Overnight Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial

ways to curl your hair

There are a lot of readers who have messy buns right now, which is no surprise. In spite of this, we still may want to style our hair for various reasons even if we’re in lockdown. Heat and cool constantly will erode the hair, which could result in it breaking.

Here are some tips from overnight heatless curls hair tutorial

  1. Use hair rollers

The use of hair rollers can be one of the good ways to curl your hair without heat overnight. As soon as your hair has dried to 80 percent, but the hair into the rollers and secure them to prevent them from coming undone as you sleep.

  1. Don’t miss out on the viral bathrobe trick

Your bathrobe tie should come down on both sides by your ears after you place it over your head. Twist your hair so that each side is twisted around the tie. The elastic will make waves when you wake up, so put it around your head before going to sleep.

  1. hair rollersWrap it up in a bun

If you twist sections of your hair into buns and pin them together before going to bed or drying your hair, you’ll be able to get beach waves for long hair, Waves are tighter when the bun is smaller.

It is also important to place the bun correctly. If you tie your hair in a topknot, the waves will begin near your roots, while if you put your hair up in low buns, the waves will begin smoother and lower in the roots.

  1. Give pin curls a try

For Short haired people, it is recommended to taking a handful of hair and twisting it tightly with pin curls. Your hair will have texture after doing this.