LED Light Therapy for Skin Benefits

LED masks

Whenever you search online for beauty treatments as LED light therapy for skin benefits, LED mask advertisements are likely to appear in your social media feeds. Using the masks can benefit the skin in multiple ways, including reducing fine lines through collagen stimulation, and fighting acne by enhancing antibacterial properties, and LED masks to fight wrinkles.

Light of certain wavelengths is known to be beneficial to the skin as well as treating various skin disorders. Although the LED masks may have some limitations, the community should be aware of them.

 LED masks: how do they work?

The visible light wavelengths of LED masks range from blue to red. On the electromagnetic spectrum, these wavelengths lie from 400 to 700 nanometers.

  • Light in the blue range of 400 nm, has the ideal wavelength for targeting bacteria, and therefore, it is used for acne treatment.
  • The use of red light, closer to 700 nm, penetrates deeper and increases blood circulation, which in turn increases collagen.

LED therapy

What is the effectiveness of LED masks?

Most likely, LED masks will only provide mild results, at-home LED facial masks. LED masks lack the same level of guaranteed results that clinics can give us with LED light. For these benefits to be obtained, the level of intensity needs to be very full-on.

Using the mask for half an hour three times per week is sufficient to get mild benefits. You have a better chance of getting results if you use it more often.

Are there any risks to use LED masks?

  • Eye protection is an issue, because the usual set-up allows you to wear goggles comfortably, so keep 30 centimeters away from your face.
  • So long as the LED masks are not defective and properly worn, the safety of the LED masks should not be questioned.

How should I choose a device?

In the absence of clinical trials, there is no way to be certain a mask will be efficient at performing what its manufacturer claims.

Based on our research, we found masks ranging between $40 and $1,900.

Is it painful to wear an LED mask?

LED masks should not cause any pain. The sensation of warmth may be felt.

To find something that works, look for something proven

Clinics that specialize in cosmetics and dermatology often use more intensive LED therapy instead of masks for their laser treatments. You needn’t use it for a long time, what matters most is the speed with which it delivers light.