Reasons You Shouldn’t be Sharing Makeup

sharing makeup

Sometimes it’s more exciting to check out your best friend’s makeup bag instead of your own, it’s impossible to meet a cosmetic product that you wouldn’t want to use immediately. But sharing makeup dangerous for your health. As a result of sharing beauty products, you might experience the following:

  1. Cold sores can occur

Your lipstick collection should be as close to you as your friends. Cold sores and perioral fever blisters are caused by the Herpes simplex virus, which is present on lip liners, lipsticks, and lip glosses.

In many workplaces, employees and children apply testers directly to their lips, which creates a sanitary condition as well as possible health risks. Having a contagious skin disease from a simple lipstick application is not worth it.

makeup bag

  1. You Might Get Sick

It’s also possible to become sick if you share lip products. The bacteria and viruses in the tube can easily transfer into the squeeze tube, rollerball, or sponge type.

When dirty fingers dip into the liquid, they transfer bacteria from the environment to the pot. You may get sick or get a rash if you put them in your mouth.

  1. Pinkeye could happen

A common infection that is spread through unhygienic eye makeup is conjunctivitis.

These items cannot be sanitized unless you dip q-tips, plastic spatulas or wooden sticks, into these products after each use, and/or sharpen pencils after each use, then wipe down with alcohol.

  1. Bacteria and yeast end up in your eyes

Make sure you don’t get makeup on your face from your friends. Yeast, bacteria, and viruses from eyelids and lashes can grow inside the tube and transfer to the next person.

  1. Humans share their blood and bodily fluids

Put your razors and your roommate’s razors in opposite corners of the tub. A razor’s metal blade is very sharp, so the blade can result in cuts in major or minor to the skin. The bacteria and viruses they carry can spread along the skin, allowing them to infect others, even when you wash them under running water, some blood and body fluid may remain, increasing the possibility of diseases such as hepatitis and HIV spreading.

  1. Your oils and skin cells are swapped

If you are using an expensive cleansing device such as the Clarisonic, it might be tempting to share it, but consider how well those brushes remove nasty impurities from the skin — and imagine how that stuff lives on the brushes without being cleaned properly, then it gets put to use back on your face. These are the few serious reasons you shouldn’t be sharing makeup with anyone.