DIY Banana Hair Mask Recipes

You should start taking care of your hair now with DIY banana hair mask recipes. Putting mashed bananas on your hair sounds odd, but once you try it, you will see how it improves your hair.

What is it about bananas that makes them so special?

Potassium is an important nutrient in bananas. Several vegetables, fruits, and some meats contain potassium; however, just one banana contains 23% of the daily potassium requirement. The antioxidant vitamins B6 and C can be found in bananas, along with potassium, dietary fiber, and magnesium. Bananas contain no cholesterol or sodium.

Besides being high in protein, they also contain three essential amino acids. However, not everyone consumes a banana every day, which contains 41% of the required daily dose of vitamin B6.


As well as being delicious, coconuts are also rich in healing properties for hair. Because coconut oil is chemically structured, its fatty acids are able to actually penetrate the hair shaft, unlike some store-bought products that simply add a coating. From the inside out, you will see a significant change in your hair!

Moisturizing Coconut and Banana Hair Mask

Mask made from bananas and coconut that makes hair soft and supple. It’s also a terrific moisturizer, particularly if your hair is coarse or dry. Keep your coconut oil usage under the recommended amount, otherwise, your hair may become greasy. When applied correctly, the mask will smooth even the toughest strands.

nutrient in bananas

Way to make a banana hair mask:

  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil (if you got fine hair or short hair, you can use even less)
  • Coconut milk, 1 tablespoon
  • One ripe banana

Directions To Use:

  • Mash the banana in a bowl. Mix milk and coconut oil well.
  • Cover all hair, up to the ends, with clean, dry hair spray.
  • Leave your hair covered for 30 minutes with a Saran wrap or plastic cap.
  • Make sure you rinse thoroughly. After shampooing, condition as usual.