How to Apply Foundation on Oily Skin

apply foundation

If you have oily skin, you definitely apply foundation on oily skin in different ways you could find, but when it comes to getting that soft, matte finish, there are a few beauty tips you should know. You know what’s even better? These are easy and quick to make, perfect for your busy schedule.

So, if you’re putting on powder without even a chance to eat, then here are some effective foundation tips for oily skin, you can use to finally put a slay on it.

  1. Change your skincare routine

It’s all in the preparation for a shine-free appearance. As you get ready for the day, the first thing you think of is drying, so use an astringent toner or an alcohol-based cleanser that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. It is often the case that these products strip the natural oils from the skin, leading to an increase in sebum production as days pass on. Consider switching to a new face wash cream or soap with low sulfate, especially if your skin is oily or acne-prone.

  1. You Can’t Skip Moisturizers

After you’ve completed your cleansing routine, don’t forget about moisturizing. The sebum glands in your skin will go into overdrive to compensate for dehydration if your skin is oily. Make sure your skin is fully smooth and moisturised before you apply foundation with a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser.

  1. Preparation with Primer

For days when your foundation slips, apply a primer to boost the staying power of your makeup. After moisturized skin has been applied, apply the Fix & Perfect Pro Primer using your fingertips to make sure it is evenly applied.

skincare routine

  1. Find Your Flawless

Oily skin can be perfectly covered by the foundation. The Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation can be applied on a face that tends to feel slick all over,

You should begin your contour at the nose, forehead, chin and blend outward. In addition, it absorbs oil and leaves a natural finish.